Hardest Mental Illness to Live With

Hardest Mental Illness to Live With

Whatever we think, behave, and do is all about comes from our brain that’s why mental health is extremely important. Mental disorders and illnesses may come to anyone and disappear from time to time, but sometimes we need proper treatment and counseling to cure those mental disorders. Obviously, there are lots of Hardest Mental Illnesses to Live With but these illnesses and discomforts can be treated well. Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder are two types of mental discomforts that need your attention. Given below is a list of some general mental disorders that may cause you to become uncomfortable and hard to live with.

Hardest Mental Illness



Depression is a very common and serious mental disorder, however, this illness can be categorized in different stages from early to severe. In depression, the patient behaves absolutely awkwardly and all of his behaviors and moods swing. The patient goes into isolation and doesn’t feel any hope, happiness, and thrill for anything. This Personality Disorder is really hard to live with and can also be called a kind of Borderline Personality Disorder.


Anxiety disorder is also a very common but serious mental health issue that leaves a very deep influence on the overall physical and mental health of an individual. Men and women both are suffering from this mental disorder that can lead them serious Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. In an issue like anxiety disorder, patients experience panic attacks, constant feelings of nausea, sleeplessness, negative thinking, and attitude, etc.Hardest Mental Illness to Live With

Sleep Disorder

Having a sleep disorder is also a Hardest Mental Illness to Live With, hence it needs to be settled at the earliest. A sleep disorder can become very problematic if not treated well in time. Less sleep time and shocks during sleep are commonly be experienced in this kind of mental disorder. Sleep disorder and illness leaves very bad impact on an individual’s personal and emotional behavior.

Hardest Mental Illness to Live With:

Anger Disorder

Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder can appear in a person if he/she is suffering from a very common and usual mental disorder like getting too much harsh and angry. There may be lots of reasons for this mental disorder but it is very dangerous in its nature. It leaves very bad affects on social life, relationships and emotional behavior of a person.

Hardest Mental Illness to Live With

Eating Disorder

Eating disorder is also a commonly appearing mental illness and disorder. In this particular mental illness, a person cannot understand the right way to eat and all of his/her eating habits get spoiled. He/she does not remain stable in eating; sometimes eat too much but sometimes keep fast. Eating disorder can spoil your overall health if not treated well. Individual’s behavior become totally uncertain when they suffer from eating disorder. They go to self starvation, overeating, getting too much involved in body shape, size etc. Whatever the signs and discomforts of eating disorder, it badly affects the overall health of an individual.

These are some of common and hardest mental illnesses you need to avoid as life can be very difficult to live with these mental disorders.