Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques

Are you searching for a stress management technique that doesn’t feel like work? Doesn’t stress management feel…stressful sometimes? What if you could find a stress management technique that was easy to do, effective, and made you feel great?

Friends and Food

A good, healthy meal reduces stress, and a good meal shared with close friends reduces it even more. Social support is one of the most important factors in stress resistance. Inviting a few friends for dinner, or taking a special friend out to dinner may significantly reduce your stress.


Humor is a great stress management technique. Laughter releases endorphins and endorphins make you feel good, so do something that makes you laugh. Go to a comedy club, tell corny jokes with a friend, or just watch a funny movie or old sitcom–how can you not laugh at Lucy and Ethel? Laughter is good medicine, and humor is a wonderful stress management technique.

When stress can be good for you. - Welnis

Bubble Bath

A bubble bath is another special stress management technique. A nice, warm tub full of bubbles that you can sink down into eases muscle tension. Scented candles provide stress-reducing aromatherapy, and just the fact that you are taking time for yourself helps reduce tension and stress.


A good massage is a nice stress management technique since it feels good and it relaxes you. Sometimes they put warm rocks over stress points, and that feels terrific. Scented massage oil, gentle music, and massage make stress disappear.


Sex is the perfect stress management technique. It is taking care of yourself, doing something with someone you love, relaxing you, and helps you sleep. Sex also floods your body with powerful endorphins, which counteract all those stress hormones.

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Sleep is a wonderful stress management technique. A good night’s sleep or a good nap can make a world of difference. Unfortunately, when we’re stressed it’s hard to sleep well, but there are some things that will help you sleep better.

Warm milk isn’t just something your grandmother invented. Milk has chemicals that really do relax you, and anything warm is relaxing.

A warm bath may help you sleep. Any relaxing activity can help, perhaps watching a little television or reading for a while. Be careful not to watch or read something stimulating, though, because that is counterproductive.

The Best Stress Management Technique

You’ve had a rough week and you desperately need a break. You need a stress management technique that will work the first time. Try this: Take your sweetie out to dinner and then to a funny movie. Go home and take a bubble bath together. Give each other a massage, have sex, and get a good night’s sleep. It’s guaranteed to decrease your stress and make you feel much, much better in the morning.


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