What are some types of mental disorders

Causes of Mental Illness

Mental disorder is a general term regarding health and overall well being of a human. However, mental disorder has its own symptoms that leave very bad affect on thinking, behavior, perceptions, mood and life style of an individual who is suffering from mental disorder or illness. There are many types of mental disorder and each has its own importance to deal with it. Mental disorder is not only a problematic for an individual’s personals but it also affects work, relationships and other social requirements of that person. Types of Mental Disorders vary; Causes of Mental Illness are also of multiple types hence can be treated with proper medication and good counseling.

Mental Disorder Types

Here, we are going to discuss about What are some types of mental disorders?  some of common mental illnesses and disorders include:

Anxiety Disorder                                                 

Anxiety disorder or illness is one of most common mental disorders. This particular type of mental disorder leaves very bad impact on overall mental health and brain power. Discomforts and ailments of anxiety disorder include panic attacks, frequent nausea, nightmares, negative thoughts, lack of sleep etc. Patient of anxiety disorder has to come across frequent anxiety shocks and sometimes he/she feels normal but most of the time, he/she has to face severe discomfort. It is one of common Types of Mental Disorders but can be treated with proper medicines and counseling.

Causes of Mental Illness

Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorder is also a common mental illness and people of all ages can have this mental problem. In this mental disorder, sleep time and duration of patient get too much disturbed. Sometimes, patients have longer hours of sleep and sometime he/she lacks sleep at all. Sleep disorder leaves very bad affect on overall brain health and behavior of patient of sleep disorder. However, it can be treated properly if diagnose in time.

Mood Disorder

Another Types of Mental Disorders that may have several Causes of Mental Illness. In this type of mental disorder, patient’s mood swings at once and he/she can get angry, sad, unhappy, irritating and quarrelsome as well. Mood disorder also leaves very bad impact on a person’s individuality/personality, social status, behavior and relationships. Mood disorder is said to be more dangerous in ruing the personality of a person so it must be treated as soon as possible.

Psychotic Disorder

Psychotic disorder directly affects the cognitive and emotional functions of its patient. Symptoms or discomforts of psychotic disorder include hearing voices, hallucinations, isolation, delusions, abnormal behavior and incoherent speech.

Eating Disorder

This mental disorder can be dangerous if not treated well as patient gets abnormal in all of his/her eating habits and behavior. Overeating, feeling depressed, lack of eating, self starvation and getting too much curious about weight, body shape, poor self image are common symptoms and discomforts of this Types of Mental Disorders.

So, this is all about What are some types of mental disorders? whatever the Causes of Mental Illness or whatever the Types of Mental Disorders is, it must be treated in time to avoid the threaten of life.