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Definition “Standardization implies the uniformity of procedure both in administering and scoring the test.” Moreover, a test should be a standardized over representative sample of...

How to Reduce Stress with Your Favorite Foods and Beverages?

Foods and beverages can help reduce stress by building a stronger and healthier foundation for your body and reducing inflammation and oxidation inside the...
Emotions and Feelings

Types of Emotions and Feelings

As humans, we experience many types of emotions. They are often classified as positive or negative emotions. Some lists contain up to 1000 different...
burn calories with simple home exercises

How to Burn Calories with Simple Home Exercises?

Feeling fat? Then you must have some extra pounds. An extra pound means extra calories in the body. Obesity is a serious problem that...
Nutrition Rules to get Stronger and Build Muscle

Nutrition Rules to get Stronger and Build Muscle

If you want to or desire to get strong muscles, then there are so many essential Nutrition Rules To Get Stronger And Build Muscles....