Secret of Healing Emotional and Mental Problems

Secret of Healing Emotional and Mental Problems

To truly heal our emotional and mental problems, we must learn how to heal ourselves at the energetic level because this is where the core causes of emotional and mental problems occur. Energy is the core structure of everything that exists in our Universe, even emotions. Our minds and physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are made of energy that has been structuralized by consciousness. This structuralization gives us the ability to experience ourselves in the material world. When this energetic structure becomes distorted, emotional and mental problems could manifest.

The idea that energy is the core structure of everything may sound strange to you, but when you study energy mechanics, the science of consciousness, and quantum mechanics with an open mind, you will eventually come to the conclusion that energy is all there is and that it is intelligent in nature.


Emotions are a form of energy that contains emotional energy codes. These energy codes are synthesized by our intuitions, allowing our bodies to understand them in a linear fashion. This process of synthesizing emotion energy codes in a linear fashion is what gives us the perception of feeling. Emotional problems usually manifest when these energy codes become distorted. Having an imbalanced intuition can also cause emotional problems to manifest. When our intuitions are imbalanced, exploring our emotions can be difficult, confusing, and illogical. Negative emotions are one of the main causes of emotional problems because they can disrupt or block the flow of energy that holds our emotional energy codes. Because of this, when we have too many negative emotions, we tend to have a hard time controlling and understanding our emotions.

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Mental problems usually occur when the energy structure that makes up our mind becomes distorted. The lack of discipline is a common cause of mental problems. The lack of discipline makes it harder for us to direct our thoughts toward positive intentions which can disturb inner peace. Mental problems can also occur when we allow too many distractions into our lives. These distractions cause us to lose mental focus, allowing our egos to influence our decisions.

There are many ways to facilitate the healing of emotional and mental problems, but the most effective way is to heal the energetic distortions that are manifesting these emotional and mental problems into our lives. The best way to heal the energetic distortions is by using the infinite power of genuine love to facilitate the healing process. In terms of universal physics, love is a state of vibrational harmonization that allows an energetic connection to occur between individuals and all things. In essence, true love is nothing more than a state of perfect vibrational harmonization. However, the emotions associated with love can take many forms.

Without the frequency of love, true healing is not possible because there will be no way to bring the energetic distortions back into perfect balance. Because of this, to be truly healed or become great healers, we must learn how to tap into the frequency of genuine love. Because love is needed to bring balance and harmony to all systems of the Universe, it holds the secret to healing all things, including emotional and mental problems.


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