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Definition “Standardization implies the uniformity of procedure both in administering and scoring the test.” Moreover, a test should be a standardized over representative sample of...
3 Better ways to dress for a gym workout

3 Better ways to dress for a gym workout

Health is the true wealth and to maintain health we must adopt good practices. One such practice is to go for a workout in...

Awesome Fitness Motivation Quotes to Keep You Going

It is just normal and quite OK that you may get tired of a constant workout routine and most of the time you get...


Reliability refers the consistency of scores obtained by the same person when examine the same test on different occasions. Reliability refers to the extent to...
Motivational songs to have a successful workout

Motivational Songs to Have a Successful Workout

A song is a melodic organization planned to be performed by the human voice. This is regularly done at unmistakable and fixed pitches (songs)...