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Measurement of Difficulty

Objective Measurement of Difficulty

Refer ace to the definition of a psychological test with this discussion opened will show that such a test was characterized as an objective...
Hardest Mental Illness to Live With

Hardest Mental Illness to Live With

Whatever we think, behave, and do is all about comes from our brain that’s why mental health is extremely important. Mental disorders and illnesses...
Addicted to Romantic Suspicion

Addicted to Romantic Suspicion

A brain disorder usually does not only include the serious psychiatric disorders but also other behavioral and emotional instability. There are many reports of...
Good Psychological Test

Characteristics of Good Psychological Test

A psychological test is a measurement instrument that has five defining characteristics: Behavior Sampling Standardization Reliability Objective Measurement of Difficulty Validity Behavior Sampling “The representative sample...
Ways to Build Self Confidence-01

Ways to Build Self Confidence

Many experts say confidence is an important factor that causes a great difference between success and failure. Therefore, not a few others who gave...