How to Identify Your Stress Triggers and Cope with Them


Stress is the body’s response or reaction to any physical, mental, or emotional strain. Stress can cause diseases like diabetes and hypertension. It also leads to frustration, anxiety, and low mood. A stress trigger is any situation that causes a specific biological response. It could be big challenges, threats, unpleasant events or conditions in your surroundings, worrying about something, or inability to control yourself while facing difficult times.

Body’s Response to Stress


During stress, major biological changes occur in the body that stimulates the release of chemicals and hormones. It activates the sympathetic nervous system that prepares the body for fight and flight responses. Stress triggers activate the nervous system by releasing adrenaline and cortisol hormones that rouse the body for emergencies. The heart rate becomes faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, and breathing quickens.


How to Identify Stress Triggers and Cope With Them?

There are many stress triggers you need to know to stay calm and composed. For it, identify your stress triggers and to cope with them.

Emotional Stress

There are emotional stressors that are specific for one individual. They include your fears and concerns, e.g., fear of losing people you love, loneliness, failure, rejection, judgment, something bad happening, etc.

Family Stress

Family stressors may also occur. They include relationships with your spouses, parents, siblings, financial status, children’s upbringing, caretaking, etc.


Stress with Any Change

Stress triggers may also occur due to changes, e.g., shifting to some other city, a new relationship or marriage, divorce or breakups, adjustment to a new place, retirement, job loss, or a career change.

Chemical Stressors

People may also face chemical stressors like addiction to alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine.

Work Stressors

Work stressors contribute to stresses in life, e.g., managing workloads, dealing with bosses and clients, being punctual, efficient, and professional.

Decision Stressors

Some may face decision stressors like making an important decision in life and lacking decision-making power, e.g., choosing a career or job.

Other Stressors

Phobic stressors also occur, like fear of being in confined places or flying in an airplane. The disease may also trigger stress, such as fear of death and dependence on others for personal care. In addition to this, physical stress also causes anxiety, e.g., working long hours, sleep deprivation, and unhealthy eating habits. Environmental stress like loud noises, pollution weather changes also trigger restlessness and depression.


How to Cope With Stress Triggers?

One must focus on their stress triggers. find out the root of the problem and try to fix it. If it can’t be resolved, then work on yourself to cope with the change. Patience is the key to elevating your rank for the hereafter. As Plautus says, ‘patience is the best remedy for every trouble’ and ‘One minute of patience, ten years of peace.

Stress Management

One must know all the ways of stress management. For managing stress, identify your stress triggers and cope with them. It can be done by bringing a balance between personal life and professional life. Regular exercise, gym, and morning walk/running contribute to a very healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating and drinking must be included in our lives. Alcohol drinking or any additives must be avoided. Sleeping also enough manages stress and releases mood-elevating hormones.

Eating chocolate releases endorphins that trigger a happy mood in people. Yoga and meditation must be encouraged and practiced, and surround yourself with supportive and positive people who bring joy to your life. Stress management can be done by keeping yourself busy with work or healthy activities and by stopping over-thinking. Try to leave things the way they are and adapt to changes. Only this way can you have a better living and a long healthy life with much positive attitude towards your surroundings.


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