Ways to Build Self Confidence

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Many experts say confidence is an important factor that causes a great difference between success and failure. Therefore, not a few others who gave his views on the techniques of generating self-confidence.

In a very large dimension, success belongs to everyone. However, not everyone knows how to get or achieve success. Most people judge that success belongs to those who have a high IQ, the best graduate schools and choose the most famous specialties.


This assessment is not entirely wrong, but we also have to look at a broader phenomenon, that not a few successful people who are not highly educated. In other words, high IQ, the best school graduate and a renowned specialist support is only part of success.

Ways to Build Self Confidence

Ways to Build Self Confidence:

Outside of that ability, there are other factors that are not less important in predicting the success of someone, that’s what we call, enthusiasm, passion, perseverance, hard work and determination of its lifetime.

Some experts assess that to achieve success, one’s personal maturity is needed. For personal maturity will bring someone to the optimistic attitude and awareness that what is ideally citakannya be easily achieved.

On the other hand, success was clearly not the case easy. When we try to achieve what we want, of course many challenges to face. There are times when someone is so tough, but there also are discouraged and even give up because they feel unable to face the challenges ahead.

At the time of this kind, self-confidence is very important to grow. Many experts believe that self-confidence is important factor that cause a great difference between success and failure. Therefore, not a few others who gave his views on the techniques of generating self-confidence. Here are some tips to build confidence.

Dare to accept responsibility

Gerald Kushel, Ed.D., director of The Institute of Effective Thinking, has conducted research on a number of managers. From the study, Kushel concluded that he found the most important properties possessed by almost all managers who have high performance. This trait is a sense of responsibility that encourages them to look “perfect” without care for any obstacles confronting. Conversely, managers who perform poorly and failed to reach its maximum capacity tends to bestow guilt on anyone.

Develop positive values

The road to self-confidence will get faster when we develop positive values in themselves. According to psychologist Robert Anthony, PhD., One way to develop positive values is to eliminate the deadly phrases and replace them with creative expressions. He advocated making the transition simple but effective language of negative statements into positive statements. For example, replace the words, “I can not,” becomes, “I can!”

Read your own potential

Quickly track, dig, and the exploration potential for success that exist in ourselves. For example by asking the people closest. Included also follow the psychological test and went to the experts such as psychiatrists, doctors and even the scholars to keep track of our potential. Because it can be very much potential that we have without us knowing it, so it does not succeed we dig.


Courage in taking risks is important, because rather than give in to fear it would be better to learn to take reasonable risks. Try to accept the challenge, despite a frightening or collapse the liver. Find support as much as possible.

Get many invaluable opportunities

But do not forget, when trying something we should be ready with the appropriate result or not as you wish. If the results are not in accordance with the wishes, it could be that the best according to God Almighty. If we’ve tried, it just has become a charitable intentions. People who fail are those who never dare to try. Did not climb stairs fiftieth must begin with the first steps?

Resist negative suggestions

Could be, not everyone around us to provide encouragement, support, and be positive to us. Most of the people around us may be so negative. This is not rare even fade our confidence by questioning the ability, experience, and our aspirations.

Thus, there may be a little better if we take the distance to the wise as possible when there are parties who try to release our self-confidence. Sixth, follow the suggestions positive. Confidence is the nature of “contagious”. That is, if we are surrounded by people who have a positive outlook, enthusiastic, optimistic, etc., then we have a tendency to mimic these properties.

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Keep an eye on environment

Because of that, look for an environment that can motivate us to succeed. We must begin to love hanging out with people who have the ability to bounce. Associating with people who believe in themselves will be different than hanging out with people who fail. For hanging out with people who are confident, God willing, his spirit will be contagious to ourselves.

Make the unrest as a friend

Many events or moments in life that can make us experience anxiety or restlessness. As a result, we are experiencing a crisis of confidence. That’s when we should begin to remind ourselves that the sense of panic and anxiety is a friend. Increase energy, tajamkan intelligence, raise awareness, and develop the senses. Rather than wasting energy on futile anxiety, better face the challenge firmly and effectively.

After calculation we mature, then confidence will grow with the strengthening of worship and prayer, for prayer and worship can invite God’s help. The more solid our worship, we pray, the more powerful our prayers and our faith with God’s help, then it could increase confidence.


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