How to Improve Memory and Brain Power?

How to Improve Memory and Brain Power

Do you want smarter, thinking more clearly, have better concentration and sharp reasoning? According to new research about the brain, this desire can be achieved. According to Elisa S. lottor, Ph.D., in the book Female and Forgetful, the experts found that the greatest role in creating a great brain power, good memory, and even higher IQ is a lifestyle choice, not genetics. Studies prove the allegations of the experts all along, that the brain is like any muscle group. We can develop the brain, making him mentally sharper and more quickly absorb new information. Here, things to do.

How to Improve Memory and Brain Power?

How to Improve Memory and Brain Power

  • Eat breakfast Containing Fat

For example, a donut, a new study shows, foods that contain less fat breakfast can improve memory. Researchers have studied a number of volunteers for the overnight fast, then the next day was told to eat a breakfast containing fat, carbohydrate, and protein. People who eat a donut get high marks for kemampua brain. The reason is, the brain treats fat as a fuel that can be directly accessed.

Ways to strengthen the brain: In the morning, we need the extra increase. Kosumsi foods containing less fat or eat bread smeared with cream cheese.

  • Bingo Games

Bingo (game by matching numbers) uses a lot of concentration, pattern recognition, and speed in dealing with tension. This is a skill that makes the brain stay sharp. The more bingo game, the brain will be sharper. The bingo players whose age is older get better results on a number of mental tests compared with age younger players.

Ways to strengthen the brain: Buy Bingo and invite your friends or family to play once a week.

  • Siesta

Around 3 pm, we are generally sleepy. Approximately 8 hours after the wake, there is a decrease in body clock that can affect the abilities. The good news, according to James Maas, Ph.D., in the book Power Sleep, this can be overcome. The experts found that only a 10-minute nap or meditation, can return the performance of the brain to normal levels. Longer than that DAPT causes nervousness. Less than that will not get these benefits.

Ways to strengthen the brain: If you are at home, we recommend setting an alarm clock for 10 minutes. If you work, close your eyes. Imagine a tranquil natural scenery and relaxed only for 10 minutes.

  • Chewing Gum

The researchers found that subjects who chewed gum to get a higher score of 35% of the memory tests that do not. Allegedly, repetitive chewing on the rubbery surface increases heart rate, sending more oxygen to the brain.

Ways to strengthen the brain: providing chewing gum and whenever needed.

  • Make more Intelligent Nutrient

Experts find people who are assigned the Paing lot of choline, a natural amino acid, among others, contained in beef, eggs, has a brain to think smarter and faster. Low-fat diets make people do not get adequate choline. So according to Jean Carper in the book Food: Your Miracle Medicine.

Ways to strengthen the brain: choline can be obtained for example by eating egg yolks, meat, fish, and milk. But some experts suggest it in supplement form. Before taking any supplements, consult your physician first.

  • Speak

You may have heard, to keep the brain sharp, we must practice it with such things as contents of crossword puzzles and reading. Now there is a better suggestion. Hany by talking with friends can bring better results. Experts who examined 3617 people found a clear relationship between socialization and brain function. Participation of all ages the most experienced associate the lowest cognitive impairment too much training the brain. Assumed by most people that talk does not require mental effort is actually false. The brain scan showed mild conversation activated a special part of the brain that showed great directing effort.

silhouette of three women running on grey concrete road

Ways to use your brain: Chat with friends over the phone or invite them to dinner. This method can keep the brain young for a long time.

  • Jogging

Experts told the subjects to walk fast for 15 minutes, 3 times a week. People who walk have increased to 15% of brain function. They are more capable of making connections, doing various tasks, and ignore distractions. The studies also found, after aerobic exercise for 45 minutes, 3 times a week, mental performance increased to 25%. Exercise not only improves the growth of new nerve cells in the brain but also drains more blood and oxygen to the brain to make it more intelligent.

Ways to strengthen the brain: A study showed that people who are most likely still run on foot are also doing something fun at the same time: listening to music, chatting with children, or her with eyewash.

  • Get Tryptophan

Chemicals, among others, contained in turkey, can keep the memories stay sharp the research found, if the increased levels of tryptophan, the subjects scored higher on tests and remembering the recognition test. The cause is tryptophan produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter that relieves stress. Studies show, having just a little stress can disrupt memory.

Ways to strengthen the brain: Eating turkey for lunch. But do not overeat. More than 8 ounces generate enough tryptophan to make you sleepy.


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