Anxiety, Fears, and Things That Go Bump in the Night

Anxiety, Fears, and Things That Go Bump in the Night

Anxiety along with fear is attached to our nervous system. Just like pain, these are signals that signify and notify the urgency of attention. These provide signals of the oncoming threat. The threat can be of any kind, it can be physical, emotional or psychological. It can also be considered as positive signs as they act as an alarm which prepares the body for further reaction. When the body experiences anxiety or fear, it automatically sends out signals that act as a warning. The sympathetic nervous system of the body kicks into gear while pushing out hormones into the bloodstream. This increases the state of arousal while preparing the body to handle the threat.

Fears & Things That Go Bump in the Night | Agape Christian Counseling St  Louis

Anxiety, Fears, and Things That Go Bump in the Night

When the problems are encountered in an increased manner, it stops individuals from encountering different situations in one’s life. It further leads to the impairment of daily functioning along with general well being. Having these emotions around, it becomes difficult for individuals to concentrate in their daily life. It might enter the state of phobia when the situations are influenced. In such cases, individuals become fearful of the daily events of one’s life which are quite ordinary. This, however, leads to becoming maladaptive and disabling on interfering with the daily life.

Hence, anxiety and fear should be managed in a way that it does not interfere on your daily life. By breathing deeply and keeping yourself calm, you can help yourself coming out of such situation. You can relax at times of tension and anxiety which is going to restore calm feelings. You can also use cognitive coping skills for reducing anxiety and fear. Hence, these emotions should be managed in an efficient way to maintain your emotional well-being. The situations should be tackled much before its starts rolling out in a hazardous manner. Each passing day should pose a challenge towards a better life.


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