Addicted to Romantic Suspicion

Addicted to Romantic Suspicion

A brain disorder usually does not only include the serious psychiatric disorders but also other behavioral and emotional instability. There are many reports of such cases where individuals have raised doubt for their partner in terms of cheating. The state of being addicted to romantic suspicion is typically very hazardous for both the individuals. It is a very serious disorder which poses a lot of threat to the emotional well being. Here, the individuals doubting are engaged in this behavior continuously and do not stop until and unless their point is proven.

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Addicted to Romantic Suspicion


They involve themselves in continuously checking on their partners while they keep on coming clean. On coming clean once or twice the habit does not stop; rather keep on doing it till they hope they are proven right. The issue of suspicion is not whether their partner is cheating on them or not, rather the issue rests on the prospect of catching their partners while cheating. This further raises the reason of them behaving in a suspicious manner. It is seen that these individuals have faced patterns of abuse which has affected the functionality of their brain. Also, they might have been brought up in places where infidelity was a problem.

This kind of behavior is a reason for them undergoing pain due to past incidents. The fact that they underwent such collateral damages of infidelity was a lot frightening for them from which they could not come out. This serious problem of enforcing intimate trust sentences them to a life without the possibility of love. This situation also leads to greater hazard as these conditions do not receive the seriousness or concern that it should. Hence being on the suspicion end makes individuals suffer in silence as it is not publicly painful. The addiction should be identified at the earliest and treated with care.


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