Exercise as an antidepressant

Exercise as an antidepressant

Exercise is one of the daily necessities of one’s life. It does not only promote healthy living, but also is considered as an antidepressant. It has proved to be an effective treatment for major depressive disorder. Among all exercises, aerobics is considered to be the most effective one at this phase. The usual symptoms of depression are to have trouble sleeping at night, loss of appetite, forgetfulness and few others. All of these symptoms can be eradicated with the help of this daily treatment. Working out can help in improving the mood of the individuals from mild to moderate. It even caters to help those who are suffering from severe depression. If we use Excercise as an antidepressant, it not only improves body’s blood flow but also releases endorphins.

Excercise as an anti depressant

Exercise as an antidepressant

The effect of exercise lasts much longer than any other medications. It helps in keeping the mind of an individual functioning and also occupied. While working out, the body releases chemicals which are called endorphins. These endorphins further interact with the receptors in the brain while reducing the perception of your pain. Endorphins also help in triggering a positive feeling in the body which is similar to morphine. This acts as analgesics which help in diminishing the perception of pain. Regular activity has proved to help in reducing stress, improve sleep, boost self-esteem and remove anxiety of feelings of distress.

Excercise as an anti depressantIt also helps to reduce the chemicals of immune system which might ease distress. Thereby helps to increase the body temperature which has calming effects. It helps you gain self confidence while taking your mind off worries. It acts as a distraction and helps you to cope in a healthy manner. Joining a group working out class can be extremely beneficial as an antidepressant because social support is highly important at this times. You can also work out with your partner or a close friend who helps you benefit from the physical activity and the emotional comfort.


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